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[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

For three weeks (before the last week) I had no time for reading something interesting. But last week I spend a more time for reading. So here is my list from last week. I also realized that life is boring without projects, and for those projects I had for a long time, like opening my own bookstore, the best way to go was to access lenders for no credit.


  • LINK | You Can Now Take an Entire MBA Course Online for Free
  • LINK | Housing association orders pensioner to destroy garden he spent life savings on
  • LINK | Blasphemy Now Legal In Iceland
  • LINK | Rescuing legacy software from impending doom (Refactoring from the trenches)
  • LINK | 3 Essential Strategies for the Startup Recruitment Entrepreneur
  • LINK | Leicester Tech Startups
  • LINK | 6 ways to stay motivated when working from home
  • LINK | Chinese stock market has lost £1.5 trillion in the last three weeks
  • LINK | Mathematical Symbols – List of all mathematical symbols and signs – meaning and examples.


  • LINK | A Weekend Full of Database Corruption
  • LINK | Security in a time of breaches? Microsoft touts beefed-up database encryption
  • LINK | Seria webeksów technologicznych EMC Espresso
  • LINK | Your API versioning is wrong, which is why I decided to do it 3 different wrong ways
  • LINK | Cyber Essentials – A Pocket Guide
  • LINK | Bezpieczeństwo RP w cyberprzestrzeni
  • LINK | NIK o bezpieczeństwie w cyberprzestrzeni
  • LINK | Out of the shadows, China hackers turn cyber gatekeepers
  • LINK | Skilled Chinese hackers switch to white hats
  • LINK | How To Configure TLS Mutual Authentication for Web App
  • LINK | Azure Data Lake
  • LINK | Number One Reason to Upgrade from SQL Server 2005: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Server
  • LINK | Virtualization and some coffee
  • LINK | Security #BSidesWarsaw
  • LINK | The Power Of A Half-Hour
  • LINK | How to use PFX-formatted certificates in SQL Server
  • LINK | Harvard announces computer data breach
  • LINK | Anonymized” data really isn’t—and here’s why not
  • LINK | Security News This Week: Your VPN Probably Isn’t Private
  • LINK | SAP Hana riddled with encryption and SQL injection vulnerabilities, claims security company
  • LINK | Number One Reason to Upgrade from SQL Server 2005: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Server

NOTE: week 28 | year 2015

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