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[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

Previous week was very busy. A lot of articles which I read was connected with my actual project for one of my customer. So more tech than life last week. But… Enjoy!


  • LINK | 26, unmarried, and childless
  • LINK | Five top tips for layovers on a business trip
  • LINK | Baaba Kulka
  • LINK | Autonomus Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers
  • LINK | Wolne Lektury
  • LINK | Top 10 Geddy Lee Rush Songs


  • LINK | Cortana Analytics Suite: Transform data into intelligent action
  • LINK | TechNet Evaluation Center
  • LINK | Revealed: The Chinese forums offering hacking courses for just US$100
  • LINK | China’s Parliament Publishes Draft Cyber-Security Law
  • LINK | China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online
  • LINK | ‘The China Challenge,’ by Thomas J. Christensen
  • LINK | Ensuring cyber security an indisputable norm
  • LINK | Authorization Services Role-Based and Attribute-Based Access Control
  • LINK | Introduction to Web Vulnerabilities (Prezi)
  • LINK | Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense draws security concerns and questions
  • LINK | Analyze Session Logon Duration
  • LINK | List of free and fee based SQL Server training opportunities in UK
  • LINK | Certyfikacja Microsoft – jakie egzaminy zostaną wycofane w najbliższym czasie?
  • LINK | China-Tied Hackers That Hit U.S. Said to Breach United Airlines
  • LINK | Making PowerShell useful for your team
  • LINK | Learn ethical hacking and session hijacking on Pluralsight
  • LINK | Windows 10: Here are the privacy issues you should know about
  • LINK | SQL Server Radio: Show 26 – Boris Hristov
  • LINK | SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.2 is available
  • LINK | What Windows 10 Means for Enterprise Users
  • LINK | I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again!
  • LINK | Key Connection for Encryptionizer (NetLib) Resource Kit
  • LINK | Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts
  • LINK | Common causes of SQL Server licensing pain
  • LINK | End of Mainstream and Extended Support for SQL Server 2005 and End of Service Pack Support for SQL Server 2008 SP1
  • LINK | Tagging on Compute, Network and Storage Resources Compute, Network, and Storage resources created through the Azure
  • LINK | DBTA – Russian Hackers Steal 1.2b Internet Credentials: Or, Why the Heck Does this Keep Happening?!

NOTE: week 31 | year 2015

[EN] … victim of software counterfeiting

Upps. Few weeks ago, when I turned on my computer I discovered not very nice event – in fact bad event:


Pic.1 | You may be a victim of software counterfeiting

I was a little bit shocking, ‘cos normally I use TechNet or MSDN (most ofter the second) software with personal licensing for Microsoft Certified Trainer (TechNet) or Microsoft MVP (MSDN). I’m sure that I’m full legal… I must say. I AM FULL LEGAL


Pic.2 | I’m following link: Go online… and discovered Privacy Statement Arrghhhh!!!

We can choose one of the two options:

Capture_GENOFF    Capture_GENWIN

Of course for Windows was important. I read all on this site and after that…


Pic.3 | …downloaded required file…


Pic.4 | …and run installation.

The last screen which I remember looks like below:


After 26 hours of “This may take a few minutes, do not navigate away from this page” I decided to finish this task and… reinstall system. Why reinstall? Changing of serial key doesn’t work.


Post Scriptum ONE: I have no idea where and when the problem apears first time…

Post Scriptum TWO: This solution doesn’t work…

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