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[EN] TechDays Online is back!

LOGO__MSEventsLiveThis post is re-printing informations from Microsoft Events page. After long break Microsoft TechDays Online is back for 2015. What is this? Probably some of you remember Microsoft TechNet Conferences (about 1999-2004) and/or Microsoft TechDays Conferences. All happened in offline mode – in Poland in few different cities. Now, in 21st Century, in the Era of Internet – we can meet online.

Based on information form organizers: Microsoft UK:

Microsoft TechDays Online is back.  This is the 4th implementation of our three-day online technical conference for IT Pros and Developers who are keen to  know the latest information on developments in Microsoft products and development platforms for cloud, mobility, apps, IT infrastructure and much more.  Our virtual technology event provides a unique opportunity for IT Pros and software developers to hear about and experience the latest developments across the wide range of Microsoft products and platforms from our latest devices to our hyper-scale cloud.

Agenda is amazing:

Day 1 (Tuesday February 3) – Devices and Managing a Mobile-First World | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
Keynote: The repositioning of Microsoft and what this means for IT Pros and Devs
Windows 10 Client Innovations
Enterprise Mobility
The Internet of Things
Microsoft Azure Remote App
Microsoft Azure RMS   
Microsoft Azure AD
Microsoft Intune/SCCM
Wrap up of day 1 – Part 1

Day 1 Evening (Tuesday February 3) – An evening with Office 365 | 18:30-20:45
Migration of your mailboxes to Office 365
Building online collaboration inside Office 365
Keeping in touch with the online world
Final thoughts for the day
Day 2 (Wednesday February 4) – The Journey to the Cloud-first World | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
What’s new Windows Server /Hyper –V -  a technical preview
How to find out what’s happening in your datacentre with Azure Insights
Host your own cloud with the Windows Azure Pack
Taking scripting to the next level with Service Management / Azure Automation                                                                           
A new home for your old applications
20% + of Azure runs on Linux  – why is this important and how to do it well?
DevOps in Microsoft Azure with Chef and Puppet for heterogeneous cloud environments
Make Azure your DMZ
Microsoft Corporate Keynote
Wrap up of Day 2

Day 3 (Thursday December 5) – Multi-device, Cross-platform Development | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
Creating x-platform apps with Visual Studio
Visual Studio ALM
Building next-generation apps with .NET and ASP.NET
Debugging web apps
’Roslyn’ .NET compiler update
Data Science Track
Dev. community feedback – session based on community ideas
Microsoft Corporate Keynote

And Speakers are amazing too:

Paul Foster  (Microsoft UK), Robert Hogg  (Black Marble), Justin Zarb, Richard Astbury (MVP), Rick Hepworth (MVP), Steve Beaumont (MVP), Ed Baker  (Microsoft UK), Andrew Fryer  (Microsoft UK), Patrick Lownds (MVP), Sam Erskine (MVP), Gordon McKenna (MVP), Jonathan Noble (MVP), Boris Devouge (MVP), Tarun Arora (MVP), Jeffrey Snover (MVP), Simon Skinner (MVP), Susan Smith (Microsoft UK), Martin Beeby (Microsoft UK) Martin Hinshelwood (MVP), Richard Fennell (MVP), Omar Al Zabir (MVP), Bianca Furtuna (Microsoft UK), Martin Kearn (Microsoft UK), Martin Beeby (Microsoft UK), Scott Hanselman

Event is free, just get three training day from your boss, register and join for free at 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2015. And here is the event link:

[EN] TechEd NA 2014 Live Streaming

Yesterday I just visited MVA site and got link for special live event. Microsoft TechEd North America 2014 will start in Houston next Monday. I observed a lot of tweets, fecebook’s posts and othe social media short message: I’ going/on my way/ landed for TechEd NA 2014”.


This year I’m not going to this conference (I have two more important conferences in May and June and cannot go for this event), but me and thousands of ITPros, Devs, Admins and of course all BOFH’s should watching not only Keynote (as usual) but more different sesions:

May 12 at 11-12 noon   
Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Server
Adam Hall; Andrew Conway; Demi Albuz; Jason Leznek
May 12 at 1:15-2:30pm
Windows PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover
Jeffrey Snover
May 12 at 3-4:15pm
RemoteApp for Mobility and BYOD
Demi Albuz;Samim Erdogan
May 12 at 4:45-6pm
Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: MVP Experts Panel

Greg Ramsey;Jason Sandys;Johan Arwidmark;Kent Agerlund;Steve Thompson
May 13 at 8:30-9:45am
INTRODUCING: The Future of .NET on the Server
Scott Hanselman;Scott Hunter
May 13 at 10:15-11:30am
DEEP DIVE: The Future of .NET on the Server
David Fowler;Scott Hanselman
May 13 at 1:30-2:45pm
Group Policy: Notes from the Field – Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
Jeremy Moskowitz
May 13 at 3:15-4:30pm
Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Overview Session

Demi Albuz;Robin Brandl;Thomas Willingham
May 13 at 5-6:15pm   
TWC: Sysinternals Primer: TechEd 2014 Edition
Aaron Margosis
May 14 at 8:30-9:45am
Making Sense of the Microsoft Information Protection Stack
Chris Hallum
May 14 at 10:15-11:30am
Mark Russinovich and Mark Minasi on Cloud Computing
Mark Minasi;Mark Russinovich
May 14 at 1:30-2:45pm
Entity Framework: Building Applications with Entity Framework 6

Rowan Miller
May 14 at 3:15-4:30pm
Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Patterns: Time to Get Serious

Don Jones
May 14 at 5-6:15pm
What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
Jeff Woolsey
May 15 at 8:30-9:45am
Real-World Windows 8.1 Deployment: Notes from the Field
Johan Arwidmark
May 15 at 10:15-11:30am
Async Best Practices for C# and Visual Basic
Mads Torgersen
May 15 at 1-2:15pm
VDI Deployment Walkthrough
John Kelbley;Rich McBrine;Robin Brandl
May 15 at 2:45-4pm
2014 Edition: How Many Coffees Can You Drink While Your PC Starts?
Matthew Reynolds

More info, registration and calendar files are available here:

[EN] Def Con 21–a little UnOfficially…

a1652230982_2The biggest, most important, incredible (especially in the context of discussion between Director of NSA and Attendees on another conference <Black Hat>) conference focused for security, cyber security, ethical hacking and more. It was held in Las Vegas between 1st and 4th August. Def Con 21. Some of us cannot be there, maybe in next year, but we can get (and share) two parts of materials form DefCon.

PRIMARY – unofficial sessions (I found it on blog post here). And here is the list of available for download (394 MB) sessions:

  • Kang-Cruz-RESTing-On-Your-Laurels-Will-Get-You-Pwned.pdf
  • Caceres-Massive-Attacks-With-Distributed-Computing.pdf
  • Pinto-Defending-Networks-Machine-Learning-WP.pdf
  • Pinto-Defending-Networks-Machine-Learning.pdf
  • Baldet-Suicide-Intervention-Risk-Assessment-Tactics.pdf
  • Davis-Revealing-Embedded-Fingerprints.pdf
  • Balint-Seeber-All-Your-RFz-Are-Belong-to-Me.pdf
  • Bogdan-Alecu-Attacking-SIM-Toolkit-with-SMS-WP.pdf
  • Bogdan-Alecu-Business-Logic-Flaws-in-MO.pdf
  • OConnor-Stalking-a-City-for-Fun-and-Frivolity.pdf
  • Gorenc-Spelman-Java-Every-days-WP.pdf
  • Gorenc-Spelman-Java-Every-days.pdf
  • Riley-Defense-by-Numbers.pdf
  • Sumner-Wald-Prediciting-Susceptibility-To-Social-Bots-On-Twitter.pdf
  • Dudley-Privacy-In-DSRC-Connected-Vehicles.pdf
  • Young-Google-Skeleton-Key.pdf
  • Crowley-Savage-Bryan-Home-Invasion-2.0-WP.pdf
  • Crowley-Savage-Bryan-Home-Invasion-2.0.pdf
  • Dan-Griffin-Protecting-Data.pdf
  • Chechik-Utilizing-Popular-Websites-for-Malicious-Purposes-Using-RDI.pdf
  • Selifonov-A-Password-is-Not-Enough-Why-Disk-Encryption-is-Broken.pdf
  • Fulton-Zolnikov-The-Politics-of-Privacy-and-Technology.pdf
  • Milam-Getting-The-Goods-With-smbexec.pdf
  • Etemadieh-Panel-Google-TV-Secure-Boot-Exploit-GTVHacker.pdf
  • Ozavci-VoIP-Wars-Return-of-the-SIP.pdf
  • Flipper-10000-Yen.pdf
  • Payer-Exploiting-Music-Streaming-with-JavaScript.pdf
  • Pickett-Lets-Screw-With-NMAP.pdf
  • Scott-Security-in-Cognitive-Radio-Networks.pdf
  • Thompson-CREAM-Cache-Rules-Evidently-Ambiguous-Misunderstood.pdf
  • Schultz-Examining-the-Bitsquatting-Attack-Surface-WP.pdf
  • Staggs-How-to-Hack-Your-Mini-Cooper-WP.pdf
  • Staggs-How-to-Hack-Your-Mini-Cooper.pdf
  • Denaro-How-to-Disclose-or-Sell-an-Exploit.pdf
  • Bialek-PowerPwning-Post-Exploiting-by-Overpowering-Powershell.pdf
  • Grand-JTAGulator.pdf
  • Ortiz-Fast-Forensics-Using-Simple-Statistics-and-Cool-Tools.pdf
  • Engler-Vines-Electromechanical-PIN-Cracking-WP.pdf
  • Engler-Vines-Electromechanical-PIN-Cracking.pdf
  • Justin-Hendricks-So-You-Think-Your-Domain-Controller-Is-Secure.pdf
  • Koscher-Butler-The-Secret-Life-of-SIM-Cards.pdf
  • Lawrence-Johnson-Karpman-Key-Decoding-and-Duplication-Schlage.pdf
  • Tobias-Bluzmanis-Insecurity-A-Failure-of-Imagination.pdf
  • Marschalek-Thorny-Malware.pdf
  • Perklin-ACL-Steganography.pdf.pdf
  • Schrenk-How-my-Botnet-Defeated-Russian-Hackers.pdf
  • Chow-Abusing-NoSQL-Databases.pdf
  • Sikka-EMET-4.0-PKI-Mitigation.pdf
  • Oberli-Please-Insert-Inject-More-Coins.pdf
  • Mittal-Powerpreter-Post-Exploitation-Like-a-Boss.pdf
  • Fora-Defeating-SEAndroid.pdf
  • Polstra-We-are-Legion-Pentesting.pdf
  • Phorkus-Evilrob-Hacking-Embedded-Devices-Bad-things-to-Good-hardware.pdf
  • Duszynski-Cyber-Offenders.pdf
  • Pukingmonkey-The-Road-Less-Surreptitiously-Traveled.pdf
  • Baumgarten-Mach-O-Viz-WP.pdf
  • Baumgarten-Mach-O-Viz.pdf
  • Richard-Thieme-UFOs-and-Govt.pdf
  • Ricky-Hill-Phantom-Drone.pdf
  • Clark-Legal-Aspects-of-Full-Spectrum-Computer-Network-Active-Defense.pdf
  • Stucke-DNS-Hazards.pdf
  • Sandvik-Safety-of-the-Tor-Network.pdf
  • Holeman-The-Bluetooth-Device-Database.pdf
  • Bowne-SSD-Data-Evap.pdf
  • Bowne-Prince-Evil-DoS-Attacks-and-Strong-Defenses.pdf
  • Behrens-Bandelgar-MITM-All-The-IPv6-Things.pdf
  • Rogers-Caceres-The-Dawn-of-Web-30.pdf
  • Tom-Keenan-Torturing-Open-Government-Systems-for-Fun.pdf
  • Steele-Kottman-Collaborative-Penetration-Testing-With-Lair.pdf
  • Miu-Lee-Kill-em-All-DDoS-Protection-Total-Annihilation.pdf
  • Toukharian-Gevorgyan-HTTP-Time-Bandit.pdf
  • McGrew-Pwn-The-Pwn-Plug .pdf
  • McGrew-Pwn-The-Pwn-Plug-WP.pdf
  • WiK-Mubix-gitDigger.pdf
  • Blacher-Transcending-Cloud-Limitations.pdf
  • Zoz-Hacking-Driverless-Vehicles.pdf
  • bughardy-Eagle1753-OPT-circumventing-in-MIFARE-ULTRALIGHT-WP.pdf
  • bughardy-Eagle1753-OPT-circumventing-in-MIFARE-ULTRALIGHT.pdf
  • m0nk-BoutiqueKit.pdf
  • soen-Evolving-Exploits-Through-Genetic-Algorithms.pdf

SECONDARY – very important too – The Def Con 21 Soundtrack:

  • BT – The Gathering Darkness  13:12  
  • Dual Core – Fear and Chaos (Dale Chase Remix)  04:35  
  • ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron  03:29  
  • BLEO – The Carterfone Decision  01:47  
  • Swinging Rabbits – Monster (Gunslinger vs Blare Remix)  04:14  
  • Psymbionic & Great Scott – Computronium  04:39  
  • Gramatik – Talkbox Intended  06:10  
  • PANTyRAiD – Jokes from the Backseat  04:38  
  • DJ RoboRob – The Great Divide ft. Dual Core  04:11  
  • BREDE – Crush On  04:04  
  • Karton – Chase It High (Left/Right Remix)  06:00  
  • Royal Sapien presents No Context – For the Breakers (DEF CON Edit)  04:23  
  • Son of the Electric Ghost – Beat It Kids  05:23  
  • Nick Stoynoff presents NOFF – Aryt  03:20  
  • A.E. Burdick – Room 101  06:35  
  • Faderhead – Free  03:42  
  • MDMM – Octopus (Redux)  07:25  
  • Vigilante – It’s Our Time (Electro Version)  03:00  
  • BlakOPz – BlakOUt  05:59  
  • Bud Melvin – Trolling is a Art  02:48

Soundtrack is available for download for free or if You want to pay, You can choose appropriate quality. Formats for standard users: MP3 V0 and MP3 320 and of course for Audiophiles and NERDS (!): FLAC, AAC, ALAC, OGG – from 143 to 712 MB.

DEF CON 21: The Official Soundtrack



[PL][EN] Bezpłatne seminarium na temat dostrajania baz SQL Server


SQL Server Magazine zaprasza na bezpłatne seminarium poświęcone dostrajaniu i wydajności silnika baz danych SQL Server. Seminarium odbędzie się piętnastego lutego, zaś prowadzącym aż trzy sesje będzie Andrew J. Kelly (oto jego krótkie bio: Partner and Mentor with Solid Quality Mentors. He has more than 20 years of experience with relational databases and application development, but his main focus now is SQL Server. In addition to general SQL Server training and mentoring, Andrew specializes in performance, scalability, and maintainability of large-scale SQL Servers. He is a regular speaker each year at many conferences and user groups and has been a SQL Server MVP since 2001)

Agenda spotkania przedstawia się następująco:

11:00AM-12:00PM | 05:00 GMT+1 | Performance Monitor Processing
12:15PM-01:15PM | 06:15 GMT+1 | Storage and I/O Essentials
01:30PM-02:30PM | 07:30 GMT+1 | Partner Presentations (IDERA)
02:45PM-03:45PM | 08:48 GMT+1 | Getting a Handle on Tempdb

Więcej informacji oraz rejestracja znajdują się na DEDYKOWANEJ stronie. Zapraszam

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