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[EN] Neverending free-ebook-story (part3)

Another post in my irregular series. I got an invitation from apress (that’s the true vaule for getting some more mails than normal into mailbox) for more books from published in project ApressOpen. In this project You cand download for free many books, more, and more each months. My first contact with this idea happened in January (link). Now I got more books, all are free, all are ditital, all are multi-devices edition. Here is the list:

Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud
Matt Katzer , Don Crawford
BOOKLET__aPress_Office365_MigratingandManagingYourBusinessInTheCloud_3dWritten for the IT professional and business owner, this book provides the business and technical insight necessary to migrate your business to the cloud using Microsoft Office 365.  It’s a practical look at cloud migration and the use of different technologies to support that migration.  Numerous examples of cloud migration are included.

Sensor Technologies Healthcare, Wellness & Environmental Apps
Michael J. McGrath
BOOKLET__aPress_SensorTechnologies_3dSensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications explores the key aspects of sensor technologies, covering wired, wireless, and discrete sensors for the specific application domains of healthcare, wellness, and environmental sensing.  It discusses the social, regulatory, and design considerations specific to these domains.

Rethinking the Internet of Things. A Scalable Approach to Connecting Everything
Francis daCosta
BOOKLET__aPress_RethinkingTheInternetOfThings_3dIn the coming decade, billions of simple devices must be connected to the emerging Internet of Things. Today’s networking protocols are too expensive and inefficient for this task. This book describes a simpler and scalable architecture that will be used to create “big data” from billions of “small data” points in the Internet of Things.

The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto. Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value
Michelle Finneran Dennedy , Jonathan Fox , Thomas Finneran
BOOKLET__aPress_ThePrivacyEngineersManifesto_3dThe Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value is the first book of its kind, detailing industry-proven solutions that go beyond mere theory on how to build privacy into products, processes, applications, and systems.  The book offers lucid perspectives on the challenges and opportunities raised with the emerging “personal” information economy and how organizations can rise up to meet the organizational, asset management-related and innovation-related challenges ahead. Foreword by Dr. Eric Bonabeau, PhD, Chairman, Icosystem, Inc. & Dean of Computational Sciences, Minerva Schools at KGI.

Android on x86. An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel Architecture
Iggy Krajci , Darren Cummings
BOOKLET__aPress_AndroidOnx86_3dThis book is a one-stop reference guide to mindful programming and the unique challenges and opportunities that arise from x86 architectures. Android on x86: An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel® Architecture compiles the best practices and procedures associated with application development for devices using Intel’s popular line of microprocessors.

Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development . A Cascades-Driven Approach
Anwar Ludin
BOOKLET__aPress_LearnBlackBerry10AppDevelopment_3dLearn how to leverage the BlackBerry 10 Cascades framework to create rich native applications. Learn BlackBerry 10 Apps Development gives you a solid foundation for creating BlackBerry 10 apps efficiently. Along the way, you will learn how to use QML and JavaScript for designing your app’s UI, and C++/Qt for the application logic.

Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security. A Solutions View
Raghuram Yeluri , Enrique Castro-Leon
BOOKLET__aPress_BuildingTheInfrastructureForCloudSecurity_3dThis book provides a comprehensive look at the various facets of cloud security – infrastructure, network, services, Compliance and users.  It will provide real world case studies to articulate the real and perceived risks and challenges in deploying and managing services in a cloud infrastructure from a security perspective.

[EN] VirtualBox 4.3.6 released

New version of VirtualBox has been released about one month ago. Current edition (build is only one good news from Oracle from last few days {read more: Oracle spoils your day with NEARLY 150 patches • The Register}. Developer’s Team fixed many bugs and added few new items, listed below:

  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VINF_EM_TRIPLE_FAULT caused by VMCB caching with nested paging on certain AMD CPUs (bug #12451)
  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_VMX_UNEXPECTED_INTERRUPTION_EXIT_TYPE while intercepting debug exceptions (VT-x only; bug #12410)
  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_SVM_UNEXPECTED_EXIT while intercepting debug register accesses (AMD-V only; bug #12481)
  • VMM: fixed a VERR_SSM_STRUCTURE_MAGIC error when trying to load a saved state made with VBox 4.3.4 when VT-x/AMD-V is disabled. Unfortunately, VBox 4.3.4 produced broken saved states for this configuration so you have to discard these states (bug #12414)
  • VMM: added a few more MSRs to the whitelist required by certain guests (bug #12245)
  • GUI: fixed deleting of inaccessible VMs (4.3 regression, bug #12205)
  • GUI: fixed warnings in VM settings / number of guest processors (bug #12480)
  • Main: don’t automatically enable 64-bit guests on 64-bit hosts if VT-x/AMD-V is not available (bug #12424)
  • Main: always expose the DMI memory information to Windows 2012 guests (bug #12017)
  • Main: fixed occasional crashes on guest display resolution change (bug #7063)
  • Main: fixed reporting back temporary name when calling IGuestSession::DirectoryCreateTemp() (bug #12498)
  • API: fix for a hang when launching a GUI VM through the API, which crashes due to GUI unavailability
  • Storage: fix for BLKCACHE_IOERR runtime errors under rare circumstances (bug #11030)
  • Network: allow to start more than 5 PCNet instances (bug #12426)
  • E1000: if the cable was disconnected before the guest initialized the device, the link status was not properly set to ‘down’ after the initialization completed despite the fact that there was no connection
  • 3D support: fixed offset of guest 3D image elements (Mac OS X Retina hosts only; bug #11021)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed accessing the host driver from non-global zones (4.3 regression, bug #12271)

I discovered this update yesterday – that is the result of using some software not frequently enough. For my development, sometimes my VirtualBox and VMachines are in “sleeping mode” for few weeks.

Anyway, download VirtualBox platform package and VirtualBox Extention Pack HERE.

[EN] Neverending free-ebook-story (part1)

Last Saturday I wrote about Deal of the Day {LINK} and four free books – arround security -  from Apress. Yesterday editor on portal (biggest IT Pro Community Portal in Poland) accepted my very old publication (from 2012… yes, 2012 year). Strangely this book was about security too, and it’s still available on another publisher site – O’Reilly:

By Mitch Tulloch
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Ebook: March 2012
Last update: May 2013

I back to this shop, looked for my account and downloaded this book again. Near this position on site I found another one interesting book – not connected with Microsoft stuff.

By Kathy Walrath, Seth Ladd
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Ebook: March 2012
Pages: 20


But of course I cannot keep this information privatelly: Those publications are still free and here is the full list (booklets):

By Kraig Brockschmidt
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Ebook: November 2012
Pages: 833

By Jerry Honeycutt
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Ebook: November 2012


By Ross Mistry, Stacia Misner
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Ebook: March 2012
Pages: 250

Last one (Introducing Windows Server 2012) has been replaced with new Windows Server 2012 R2 version.

By Mitch Tulloch
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Released: October 2013
Pages: 242

Go, Log In, Buy for free and use in ePUB, mobi, PDF and Daisy formats.

PS. next post about books on Thursday – stay tuned!

[EN] Deal of the Day Extended Edition

Last Friday I bought interesting book about security in very good price: three digital formats (epub, mobi, pdf) for 0.00 USD. Delivered from aPress store to my computer.


An I was very happy. But just only for one hour. I twitted about my hapiness and got message from aPress {TWITTER} that this is not the and and I can extend my hapiness… buying more book and still spending 0.00 USD. I cannot keep this information just for my (it’s not under NDA) especially that book came form different sections of ICT world.

All books are a little connected with thin-security line, but topics are different. This series called ApressOpen and full list available here.

And finally I ordered those books:

TouchDevelop 3rd Edition
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
TouchDevelop CoverWith all the people in the world who have only access to a smartphone but not a PC or a keyboard, creating a programming environment for developing in that environment became a reality with TouchDevelop from Microsoft Research.  This book is meant to be a handy reference to this unique programming environment.

Managing Risk and Information Security
Malcolm Harkins
Managing Risk and Information Security CoverThis ApressOpen book describes the changing risk environment and why a fresh approach to information security is needed.The book discusses business risk from a broad perspective, including privacy and regulatory considerations. It describes the increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities, but also offers strategies for developing solutions.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Architecture and Tools
Rezaur Rahman
Intel� Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Architecture and Tools CoverIntelXeon Phi™ Coprocessor Architecture and Tools CoverIntel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Architecture and Tools: The Guide for Application Developers provides developers a comprehensive introduction and in-depth look at the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor architecture and the corresponding parallel data structure tools and algorithms used in technical computing applications.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms
William Futral, James Greene
Intel� Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms CoverThis book explains Intel Trusted Execution Technology for Servers, its purpose, application, advantages, and limitations and guides the server administrator / datacenter manager in enabling the technology as well as establishing a launch control policy that can be used to customize the server’s boot process to fit the datacenter’s requirements.

Some informations about books:
Touch Develop:
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6136-0 | 270 Full Color Pages
User Level: Beginner to Advanced | Publication Date: June 1, 2013

Managing Risk and Information Security
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-5113-2 | 152 Pages
User Level: Beginner to Advanced | Publication Date: December 25, 2012
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Architecture and Tools
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-5926-8 | 232 Pages
User Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Publication Date: September 14, 2013
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6148-3 | 156 Pages
User Level: Beginner to Advanced | Publication Date: September 28, 2013

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